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Tips for Writing Letters

One of the biggest hindrances for people when it comes to writing letters and notes is the idea that they don’t know what to write. Writing can be an intimidating experience, especially for those who are just starting their handwriting journeys. However, this is not as difficult as you might think, and with just a little practice can become second nature. Here are some tips to help you start communicating with handwritten letters.

Be Authentic

For some reason, many people change their language and tone as soon as they pick up a pencil. They think they need to use words and sentences that they would never speak in the real world. If you have relationships with the people you are writing, they like and appreciate you for who you are as a person. They will quickly be able to see through an insincere note, be confused, or doubt the author of the letter. If you don’t talk and write like William Shakespeare, then don’t suddenly try to be him. It won’t go well for you! Use the typical language, tone, and demeanor that you speak and communicate with on a daily basis. These characteristics play a huge part in what makes you, you. This mindset should ease the tension when you sit down to write because there is no pressure to be something you are not.

Put in Some Thought

Just because you should be yourself when you write, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be the best version of yourself. Put some thought into what you are going to say. Ask yourself why you are writing the note, what you want to communicate through the letter, and what is the best way to put these ideas into words. Taking a few minutes to work through these questions will go a long way in giving you direction to write the most impactful note possible, which is the goal. Don’t just wing it. Best case scenario is you send someone a decent note, but worst case is you offend or annoy someone you care about.

Write a Rough Draft

Initially it might sound like writing a rough draft will make the process much longer for you, but in many cases it will help you be more efficient. We have all looked down at a card after making a writing mistake and tried to decide if we were going to scratch through and continue or throw out the card and start over. Don’t waste the quality stationery and cards you purchase with simple and avoidable mistakes. Grab a scratch sheet of paper or pull out your laptop and quickly type what you want to say. Make the mistakes there, and then simply copy your final version onto the card. This extra step will eliminate mistakes and allow you to craft a final version that will make you proud.

If you follow these basic guidelines, the handwritten letter will become less intimidating and quickly become a routine and influential part of your life. If you aren’t convinced that handwritten letters are important, read our previous blog here to better understand why this form of communication matters.

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