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Thanksgiving Card Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family, eat a lot of food, and, most importantly, remember and be thankful for the many blessings in your life. Every family has unique traditions to celebrate the season and to share what causes them to be thankful. However, most of us are not great at communicating to those we love how thankful we are for them. On top of that, these special moments are often lost over time. One of the best ways to truly communicate what you want to say, and to have it last is to write it down on a Thanksgiving card. Here are some tips on who you could write to and what to write this holiday season.

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Who should you give a Thanksgiving card? We would never discourage anyone from sending handwritten notes, so here is just a starting point for people in your life that deserve to be recognized on Thanksgiving.

Distant Relatives: As you gather around the table with family, let those whom you are not able to spend time with know that you care about and are thinking of them on this holiday.

Significant Other: Communicating your thankfulness to those closest to you never happens as much as it should. Take this opportunity to communicate your love for them in a handwritten note.

Friends: Do you have friends that are like family? Thanksgiving is a great time to let them know that all they do for you does not go unnoticed.

Co-Workers: How about co-workers that either have become friends or who do a lot to make you look good? Tell them you care and are grateful for all they have done to help you succeed.

Parents: Can we really ever tell them “thank you” enough?


Sometimes getting started on what to write is the most difficult part. Here are a few options to consider that should help you begin writing your Thanksgiving cards.

Be Specific- This is a chance to tell them what it is about them and their lives that causes you to be thankful. Refer to a specific event where they helped you or tell them which of their characteristics have impacted your life. Being specific will be more impactful than a typical “thank you.” It will show the recipients you put thought into the cards and really care about them as individuals.

Make a List- An easy way to be specific is to list all the things about the person you are thankful for. Something as basic as “10 things I am thankful for” allows you to be sincere, lighthearted, and gets your point across. This is just an option, but can be a variation from the typical greeting card and help your message be memorable.

Add a Quote-At Indelible Cards, we strongly believe in the handwritten note and not just signing your name to the bottom of a scripted card. However, sometimes you need a little help and adding a Thanksgiving quote to your note can be a great addition.


We have written more details on Tips for Writing Letters, but to recap here are three things to consider.

Be Authentic-No need to try and write like someone else. Being yourself is what helped form this relationship and will make the card genuine.

Put in Some Thought- Determine what you are trying to say before you start writing. This discipline will help you create the best letter possible.

Write a Rough Draft-Pulling out a scratch sheet of paper or laptop to jot down your ideas before writing on the card will save time and create a better final outcome.

If sending Thanksgiving cards is not something you have historically participated in, you will not regret spending a few minutes this holiday season letting those close to you know that you are thankful for their lives. These tips should be a great launching point toward this meaningful experience.

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