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We created Indelible Cards for Sheldon Yellen

OK…we didn’t create this company for Mr. Yellen personally, but for men like him.

Last week, Business Insider published a story about a man named Sheldon Yellen, CEO of the property-restoration company BELFOR Holdings, Inc., who hand-writes birthday cards to each of his 9,200 employees as a way to say thank you and show his appreciation. He even travels with a suitcase full of stationery and handwrites notes for thank-yous, anniversaries, and other occasions!

Actually, Mr. Yellen doesn’t just pen thank you notes and birthday cards, but anniversary cards, holiday cards and even writes to his employees’ kids when they are sick. Yellen found that his hard work paid off. Taking the time to write a card to every employee for each and any occasion has created an irreplaceable culture of compassion throughout his company.

According to the article, researchers and career experts claim that the most successful corporate managers are those who cultivate relationships with their employees by saying thank you and offering words of encouragement. At Indelible, we believe this is true for the success of our company and for every relationship in your life as well.

Yellen is a great example of who I aspired to be and what I sought to accomplish when I started Indelible Cards this past year. I spent the last decade of my previous career as a traveling sales rep. I always knew and appreciated the value of sending a card in the mail to friends and family for important occasions, but was often too busy to remember those dates or go to the store for a card… let alone write a card and mail it in a timely manner.

I knew that sending a handwritten card in the mail late was better than never, but that it ultimately wasn’t good enough and wanted a solution to my problem. Plus, there had to be plenty of other busy businessmen out there facing the same dilemma as me, right? If only there was a service that could keep track of those important birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc., and send me the makings of a ready-to-mail card in advance, I would never forget to write and send those cards on time. Voila! Indelible Cards was born.

Mr. Yellen’s story is a fresh reminder of the great value in handwriting and sending cards. He is a living testament to the belief behind our brand Indelible and motto, “leave your mark.” Yellen is certainly leaving his mark on many lives, which is something we hope to help each of our clients do, too.


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