For almost every influential man it seems that there is a published book full of letters that he wrote.

Think of it as supply and demand. In a world with no lack of easy communication, we've lost the art of jotting down a note with pen and paper. And that's why a single sentence tucked into a folded card is worth more than you can imagine. Reflect on the time someone sat down, put ink to paper and articulated what you meant to them. A gentleman supplies that experience to others.

But, there are pain points to supplying that experience, like forgetting a birthday or other special occasion, or the dreaded card aisle in the grocery store, or having to use the Mickey Mouse stamps your wife bought for your kids. At Indelible Cards, we take away the painful parts of the process and allow you to focus on the essential part--writing the note! All you have to do is let us know who you want to send cards to and when you want to send them, and we will get them to you about two weeks in advance.

We started this company because we needed this service, and our goal is to help you follow through with your good intentions. Gentlemen, your words mean something. Let us help you deliver them.