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A Handwritten Christmas Card

For many people, sending and receiving Christmas cards is as much a part of the Holiday season as exchanging gifts. Much thought is put into the right picture or card (do you create your own with a family picture, or buy in bulk a more traditional Holiday card?) Many people look forward to receiving, reading and catching up with family and friends through this long-standing tradition. (It dates back to the 1800’s!) Growing up, when we were finished reading a Christmas card we would tape it to the wall and by the time Christmas arrived the whole living room felt like festive wrapping paper. At indelible, we hope this tradition continues for many more decades!

We also believe that there are a few people in your life that could use a little more than a generic Christmas card this year. The printed Christmas card is great to reach the masses, but a more personal handwritten letter is appropriate for those who hold a special place in your life. Here is a list of people to consider handwriting a Christmas card to this year.

Those Hurting

For some, the Holidays is actually a difficult time of year. Whether they are dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, sickness, or significant life change, sitting back and watching others celebrate the season while they hurt can be depressing. Who do you know that might fit into this category? Do you have a grandparent who just lost their spouse, or a friend who came down with a serious illness this year? Choose someone that could be struggling this year, and send them a handwritten card. Let them know that you care about them and they are not forgotten. This simple act could provide the joy and hope they are seeking this Christmas.

Those Away From Home

Being away from family and friends at Christmas can be a real challenge. Some have no choice due to Military duty, sickness, money or a new job.  They have the desire to be home, but instead will spend it in a new and potentially lonely place. Letting that person know that they are remembered and are loved from afar will go a long way in making their Christmas memorable.

Those Closest to You

As you gather with those in your life who mean so much, don’t forget the power of the written word. Gifts are amazing, and speaking words of love and affirmation are important, but if you write them down they will last beyond the moment. Handwritten cards can be kept and cherished for years, and are a special way to communicate this time of year.

There are many other people you could write this Holiday season, but start here and see where it leads. For tips on what to think about when handwriting cards, check out our blog. Or visit our site to schedule the cards you need this year.

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