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Arnold Palmer: The King of Letter Writing

It’s Master’s week! For the golf fan, this is the Super Bowl or World Cup of Golf. It means spring has arrived and the best players in the world have converged on Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia to compete for the coveted Green Jacket. Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Ben Hogan, and Arnold Palmer are all past champions of this storied event. We know that not everyone is a golf fan, but, whether or not you will be sitting in front of the TV watching the drama unfold Sunday afternoon, we believe everyone can appreciate the life and legacy of Arnold Palmer.

Arnold Palmer is considered one of the greatest to ever play the game of golf. He won 62 events on the PGA Tour, seven majors (including four Masters), was the PGA Tour Player of the year in 1960 and 1962, the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Congressional Gold Medal, and created a pretty tasty lemonade/iced tea drink!

Off the course Arnold Palmer was known for his charitable work, his business dealings, designing golf courses, and a commitment to his family. One of the main reasons that Indelible Cards loves Arnold Palmer is because he never turned down the opportunity to write a letter.

Arnold Palmer made it a point to write a congratulatory letter to the winner of each PGA Tour event. They weren’t just carbon copy letters with his name signed at the bottom, but were instead personalized and specific notes that showed he genuinely cared and was watching them play the game. He wouldn’t just write to winners on the PGA Tour, but also the LPGA, and even amateur and regional events. He loved golf and wanted to encourage players at all levels.

He would write letters to players when they hit milestones, had disappointments, or just to encourage them as a friend. These letters meant so much to the players. ESPN actually put together a great piece that shows how the letters impacted some of the top players in the world. It goes to show how a simple letter can leave an impression on even the most accomplished individual.

However, Arnold Palmer didn’t just send letters to the biggest names in golf, he also had time for his fans. He made it a point to try to respond to all his fan mail with a letter or autographing a picture. It is actually believed that he has signed his name more than any other athlete in history, an estimate which is in the millions. He understood the potential impact and influence he had as a popular sports figure and used his platform for good.

Our influence and platform may not be as extensive as the one they called “The King,” but we all have people in our lives that we can encourage in tough times and congratulate in success. Such letters and notes will leave a mark. The same can be said for those who look up to you. You might not be receiving fan mail or requests for autographs, but who looks up to you that you can encourage? Maybe your own son or daughter, niece or nephew, colleague, mentee? Send them a letter, it won’t be something you regret.

As always, if we at Indelible Cards can help you in your letter writing journey, we are here for you.

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