Our vision of masculinity includes a pen and paper.


1. People in Your Life

The first step is to choose the people you want to send cards to. It is a simple process on our site, but take the time to consider those who impact your life in a meaningful way. A spouse, parent, child, sibling or friend could all deserve a thoughtful, hand-written note.


2. Occasions and Dates

Now that we know the "who," it's time to choose the "when." Pick the occasions and dates for giving a card to your recipients. How about a Mother’s Day card for you mom or wife? A birthday card for a close friend or sibling is always appreciated.And please don’t forget your anniversary!


3. The Cards

We serve as your personal card curator, which means we choose cards for you that are perfect for the occasion. No more searching in card aisles and settling for something you don't love. We offer high-quality, artisan-made cards of a classic and minimal style, all with the goal of accentuating the most important thing in the card--your own words!


4. Leave Your Mark

Your cards will arrive approximately two weeks before the chosen date, giving you a nice heads up to write a note that will leave a lasting impression on those closest to you.